Presentation of the very first luxury skincare brand in Morocco

Ormana blends the best of nature, science and tradition to improve and strengthen your skin's natural defenses.

Our vision

We strive to take your beauty ritual to the next level. By kissing your skin with our luxurious farm-to-skin beauty treatments, we unleash your natural beauty and inspire confidence by respecting the planet, people and community. Our story is about combining the gifts of nature with modern technology, from the development of our products to the way we run our business. Honesty, transparency and mutual respect are our core values. ORMANA proves that it is possible to combine the best of both worlds. We inspire our customers to never settle for less.

Our mission

At Ormana, we only want to create luxurious beauty products, as natural and effective as possible, with powerful, precious and ancient ingredients. We source these ingredients according to the "firm to the skin" principle, which makes it possible to minimize the time between harvesting, formulation and bottling. By combining this with state-of-the-art cosmetic formulations and techniques, we are able to offer the best of nature, science and tradition.

Within 5 years, we want to become an iconic luxury beauty brand that challenges the way people perceive the world of luxurious, high-tech beauty in relation to natural, farm-to-skin beauty. In accordance with the "farm to skin" philosophy, we are committed to offering total transparency and traceability. We are honest and open. In everything we do, we strive to be respectful of the planet, people and the community.

We believe that everyone should
have the chance to put their best face forward. We start with the skin.

Our history

In 2006, Mr. D. Boutti, founder of Ormana, saw the value of local ingredients, which define the heritage of the local community. His goal was to share this well-kept secret with the rest of the world.

In Morocco, women see themselves as strong, beautiful, independent and alive. Many generations have passed down their beauty rituals using local ingredients such as essential oils from mother to daughter, which is considered a well-kept secret. Mr. D. Boutti strives to perpetuate the heritage of women by embracing the love of craftsmanship, luxury and authenticity. He regularly visits the origin of the plants and makes sure that each harvest is as fresh as possible. He believes he can bring together the old lifestyle and the modern lifestyle, combined in a product as exclusive and advanced as ORMANA.

With Mr. D. Boutti, the CEO of the European market, Ms. R. Karboub, shares the love of beauty rituals and Moroccan ingredients. Being Moroccan herself, she shares the same passion and strives to empower women around the world to embrace their beauty.

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